ATV’s and Buggies

Imagine exploring Costa Rica’s beaches, rainforests, remote villages, waterfalls, and wildlife while driving an ATV, motorcycle or UTV. It doesnʼt matter what language you speak, or where youʼre from. Whether youʼre a first-timer, or a seasoned veteran looking for something more challenging, we have the off-road adventure for you!

Rainforest Express – 1 hour

Rainforest Express is all about keeping it quick and short, with only an hour to
explore the outskirts of Jaco. Travel outside of town, crossing into the rainforest,
along dirt roads and trails. Climb the riverbed to a tiny roadside waterfall great
sport for a photo opportunity! Turn back and check out a lookout of Jaco and the
Pacific Ocean, and finally return back to the shop, hopefully to plan another
longer adventure for the following day.

Extreme Vista – 2 hours

Extreme Vista 2 hour tour we have the perfect amount of time for some
great trail riding to the mountain tops surrounding Jaco. Travel dirt roads,
trails, and riverbeds until we reach the peak. Quick break at a local rancho
where we can have a quick drink or just a bathroom break while soaking in
the stunning view of the valley meeting the Pacific! Finally work our way
back down the mountain and return to our shop downtown Jaco.

Waterfall Jumper – 3 hours

During the Waterfall Jumper tour we travel into the tropical rainforest by
dirt roads, river beds, and trails working our way to the mountain tops.
Withstanding the beautiful views of the valley’s and coast line we travel
down to a waterfall where we get to cool off before working our way back
to Jaco. Throughout the adventure we take plenty of stops for photographs
and also a quick stop at a local rancho for a drink or just a bathroom break.

Extreme Rainforest – 4 hours

Extreme Rainforest is 4 hours of pure adventure! Traveling further into the
rainforest, all by the same great dirt roads, remote trails, and riverbeds.
Cooling off in a waterfall halfway through the tour, and working our way
back to downtown Jaco. During our half-day tour we have the ability to
change up the scenery depending on rider skill level, visiting new towns,
different waterfalls, and trails alongside the beach.

Full Day Extreme Ride – 6 hours

Witness it all, in our all-in-one full day adventure. Choose your vehicle, and
lets get lost (of course not) in the tropical rainforest surrounding the beach
town of Jaco. Travel on many different roads, trails, and riverbeds to
remote areas deep into the rainforest. Enjoy a typical lunch in the
mountain with a refreshing natural smoothie. Continue on to different
waterfalls then you’d see in our shorter tours, and completely new areas
that most don’t get to see

Rent an ATV or a Side by Side

Take it to the mountains on your own with a 4 seater side by side or an ATV. Rent it for the day or for your whole stay.